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We founded the Northwest Rally Association with the belief that motorsports can and should be available to everyone.  Our focus is on hosting great races while also creating opportunities for competitors to learn, grow and expand their skills.  Key to the mission is fostering a supportive and powerful community that acts as the framework on which our sport is built.


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Katie Lobkovich
Director of Media & Events

Kito Brielmaier
Director of Motorsports

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Meet the Competitors

Northwest Rally events draw competitors from across North America. We have built a reputation for being the best-run events with our variety of exciting courses, great leadership team and driver/co-driver workshops. Each year, our program has grown by all counts - number of events, drivers and geographical reach.


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Subscribers: 3,032

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Why Northwest Rally?

We believe that sponsorship is more than slapping a logo on a t-shirt. Our relationships are centered around providing great value to our competitors while increasing brand awareness, audience and ultimately sales for our partners.

2019 Season Information

While season planning is still underway, here is what you can expect for 2019:

  • 10 rallycross events (8 single-day events, 2 multi-day events)

  • 3 rallysprint events

  • 5+ venues throughout Washington & Oregon

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Title sponsorship puts you in front of our audience for the duration of 2019. Throughout the season, we will partner with you to create content for our audience to highlight and educate about your product or service. Additionally, title sponsorship comes with NWRA content packages before and after events for you to share with your audience.

  • 2019 season name rights

  • logo placement on NWRA collateral (t-shirts, rule books, etc)

  • partner content throughout season (instagram, facebook, youtube)

  • digital media shared before/after each event (images, video, blog posts)

  • branded banners on all courses


Each year we host a few larger, multi-day events that draw more competitors and media than a standard one. These weekends include classroom sessions, practice days and/or X Games style racing. Leading up to the weekend, we will share educational content about your product or service as well as provide you with content packages to share with your audience.

  • branded event materials (competitor handbook, event t-shirts, trophies, etc)

  • partner content leading up to event

  • digital media shared before/after single event (images, video, blog posts)