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Who we are

We started Northwest Rally Association with the goal of hosting great rallycross and rallysprint events around the Pacific Northwest. Since launching in 2015, our program has grown both in size and purpose. In addition to racing, we offer driver training, motorsports safety courses and coaching for drivers looking to grow their personal brand. Watching the sport and community develop over the last few years is what inspires us to continue working hard to improve the driver experience and create more opportunities to get into racing or expand your skills.

Kito Brielmaier
Co-Founder, Director of Motorsports

I started competing in rallycross years ago but without events near our home in Seattle, I was traveling around the country to get my fix. No matter where I was, there were always other competitors from Washington so I figured that interest in a local series would be high. We tested the waters with a single in event in 2015 and got such a strong response that there was no question about building a full series the following year.

When I’m developing courses and trainings, I focus on balancing what will be fun and what will challenge competitors. I think about my own experiences and listen to the feedback from our community so each race is a bit different than any we’ve had before.

As we continue to build our program, I am most excited about expanding our rule sets to make events open to more types of vehicles and competition as well as growing our driver development program to support those who are looking to advance their skills.

Katie Lobkovich
Co-Founder, Director of Events & Media

When Kito told me that he wanted to start a series here in Washington, I offered to help with the first event. I had no idea how much the motorsports community here was itching for more racing nor did I realize how easily their energy and excitement could suck you in. Even though I’m not a competitor, I am thoroughly hooked on this incredible sport and the people involved in it.

My background is in endurance sports and I know what it takes to show up at the start line. With that in mind, I focus on helping competitors prepare for upcoming events and creating a fun, exciting and fulfilling race experience.

With so much continued interest in our training sessions, I am looking forward to creating more content and opportunities for anyone wanting to grow in the motorsports space whether as a competitor, brand or event worker.