Holiday Gift Guide - Rally Edition

Finding a gift for the gearhead in your life doesn’t have to be tough. From practical parts and tools to fun novelty gifts, keep reading if you want to win the best present award this holiday season.  


Listen, it’s not the most exciting but a lot of racing gear expires and wears out.  Your racer’s helmet, harnesses and race suit all have expiration dates and replacing it all is spendy! Items like shoes and gloves get dirty, sweaty and (ahem) smelly. We recommend finding a motorsports shop local to you so you they can help you choose the right product (and they’ll help exchange them if you choose wrong).  Our local favorite is 425 Motorsports in Bellevue, WA.  If you don’t have a shop near you, Racer Wholesale and RaceQuip are great options for online purchasing.


A large part of the expense in racing is that many items wear out like tires and brake components.  You can help your gearhead stay a step ahead by getting them a new set of tires, wheels or brake components.  This is even a great time to get them an upgraded/improved version of something they already have.


Tires: In general, you cannot buy rally tires in stores so online is your best bet. Our best recommendations are:

  • MaxSport Tires: These re-molded tires are made in Germany and offer an affordable, environmentally friendly option with choices for all surfaces.  Keep in mind these tires are not DOT approved so they can be used in competition only. The gravel rally tires come is in sizes 14’ to 16’ and compounds from soft to hard.

  • Hoosier: A popular tire for stage rally, American-made Hoosier tires are another great gift. Just like the MaxSports, Hoosiers are not DOT approved and come in limited 15” sizes.

  • Firestone Winterforce: These tires are DOT approved and make a great rallycross tire for the stock class competitor.  They don’t offer the same performance or durability as a rally tire but they are more versatile and you can drive to/from an event with them. These tires come in a variety of sizes.

Brake components: It might seem counterintuitive but braking is a huge part of racing.  An upgraded brake kit or set of rotors will earn you some serious points.


Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 12.59.06 PM.png

You don’t have to swing for the fences with your gift – choosing something smaller is still a big deal.  It’s easy for gearheads to put off purchasing something small or fun because they are saving their hard earned pennies for the big ticket items. 

Mud flaps:


Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 2.10.30 PM.png

Auxiliary lights (great for night racing and just looking extra cool):


Gift Guide 2018.jpg

Novelty Gifts 

T-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, oh my! There are some great gifts out there specific to your loved one’s car or just rally in general. Here are our three favorite sites:

Gift Cards

And saving the best for last… You can give your favorite gearhead a little gift to help them get what they need, avoid the overwhelm of trying to pick something out for them and save yourself the trouble of trying to wrap car parts!  We’ve compiled a list of some great stores below and linked directly to their gift card page.  

Katie Lobkovich